Monday, October 30, 2006

Name that Moon in one

OK. Here's a challenge. The moon was lighting up the sky early this evening and temptingly sitting in view from the 'back gard' so I got the old telescope out to have a quick peek. The moon is in its 'first quarter'. When the moon has a shadow like it does now it seems to accentuate the features close to the shadow. And at this point in the moons phases a very large crater at the top stands out.

So the challenge is name that crater.

My pic is not that great ...again!. But it is clear enough.


Eugene Schlumberger said...

Is there a real answer to this or is it a Blue Peter style competition? If it is the latter then I think we should pay tribute to the king of the crater himself and I name that crater The Great Pok of Ziege

Polarbear said...

I think there should be a real answer but I am without a map of Ziege's face.

Anonymous said...

That's easy, it's the "Eye of Jap".