Friday, October 20, 2006

Off Roading it

At work today I was treated to a test drive in the new GL-Class Mercedes. On the trip we did a bit off road to show the fantastic versatility of the vehicle's suspension, ride height and handling that is essential for an off road vehicle.

We let the car do it's stuff on its own as it descended a 45% hill on an angle at 6 km/h. You could hear all the systems jumping into action, while the driver had no feet on any pedals. The car can raise up 25cm in ride height. It can ascend a steep slope at full revs but will compensate for your bad driving ability and suppress your over-zealous acceleration which would produce wheel spin.

All round a great car. And only 90,000 Euros an absolute bargain . And worth it for Mr and Mrs Urquhart when they take the kiddies around the corner to school in Enfield.

GL 320 CDI Euros 90.800
GL 420 CDI Euros 116.800
GL 450 Euros 112.900
GL 500 Euros 124.600


Anonymous said...

You need a promotion after that fawning article about your employer's new product. Sounds good though......

Are you on commission?

Polarbear said...

i wish i was....

you can't slag a car like that though. Even though it is pointless

Anonymous said...

is there enough room in the back to stretch out whilst wearing your Mam's best fur coat ?

Anonymous said...

yes but the leather is not jizz proof