Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where is the nearest local kind sir?

Following the 'lesbian nun' incident in the 7th century, Middlesbrough Borough Councilwas seriously worried about Nunthorpe's reputation. A rumour that the Nuns were preparing to open a liscensed 'knocking shop' forced the council to take action in 695 AD the following announcement was made by Middlesbrough Borough Borough Council.

"From this day no liscensed premises may operate in the ward of 'Nunthorpe' without prior permission from
the borough borough council. No exception shall be made unless the premise in question can provide quoit throwing facilities and play a jolly nice game of cricket. And no lesbian nuns!

1: Pied Piper
2: Norman Conquest
3: Cross Keys
4: Southern Cross
5: Brunton Arms
6: The Cricket Club
7: Centre of Nunthorpe

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