Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hunter's Moon

Tonight the moon is full and is known as 'the Hunter's moon' or sometimes 'the blood moon'. It is the first full moon following the 'Harvest Moon' and was named as it was a good night to go hunting by the light of the moon.

Moon Rises @ 17:57hrs it appears in the South
Max Altitude is 48° @ 00:19hrs
Diameter 33.33'
Distance from Earth 358,507 km

There is a movie called Hunter's Moon in 'post-production at the moment -
'The story of four young couples drawn to the remote dunes for off-roading
in their extreme machines. But the outing turns into a night of terror when
they are attacked by the Catcher, a skilled and brutal hunter of human specimens
for alien science. Sounds like one to miss!

Hunter's moon taken by my new telescope with a digital camera through the lens viewer @ 21:15 07/10/2006 over Maastricht The Netherlands

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Glynn said...

Very good. You are the new Patrick Moore.