Monday, February 26, 2007

Celebrity Fame Academy

After the success of last years event, the Beeb have decided to embarrass 13 celebs by asking them to sing in front of the nation. Patrick Kielty and Claudia 'is my fringe good?' Winkleman present.

So the contestants are:

Angellica Bell - Chirpy CBBC presenter, who plays the piano and cello and enjoys dancing

Colin Murray - 30 year old Radio 1 DJ come TV presenter come Sports presenter. Murray had 5 stars tattoed on his wrist following Liverpools Champions League win.

Fred MacAulay - If there is going to be an Ade Edmonson again then Fred is the candidate

Linda Robson - The thin one outta 'Birds of a Feather'

Mel Giedroyc - Comedy writer / actress - wrote for French and Saunders, and half of duo Mel & Sue

Miranda Hart - comedy actress been in Dibley, Nighty Night, Lead Balloon and others

Ray Stubbs - Stubbsy, surely won't make it past week 1

Rowland Rivron - with his previous musical background with 'Raw Sex' Rivron must be favourite to go all the way

Shaun Williamson - Barry offa Extras. He's gonna do summm shaaawwting!

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson - 'Shit' Girl

Tim Vine - Stand-up comedian who can tell 499 jokes in an hour

Tricia Penrose - actress / wanabee singer - Tricia has released two flop singles and tried to represent the UK at the Eurovisions.

Zoƫ Salmon - Blue Peter presenter, law graduate, former Miss Northern Ireland.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I hired 'Dresden' tonight, which before we watched I wanted to see what IMBD said about it and it seems no bugger has ever seen this movie outside Germany. Not surprising. The only comments on IMDB seem to say they don't want to see it or it is copying an American movie. Quite suprising in these days . Anyway I will tell you tomorrow what we thought of it.(I hope). As it is in German and only with Dutch Subtitles.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gimme some Reggae Reggae Sauce

Levi Roots aka 'Keith'

Last week on Dragons Den, a potential investment seeker, Levi Roots, walked into the Den playing a guitar and singing a Reggae song about his sauce. "Gimme some Reggae Reggae sauce, so good I named it twice". The dragons looked stunned.

Levi knows his reggae, and knows his 'Jerk' sauce, but unfortunately showed he didn't have a head for figures.

Jerk sauce is a kind of Jamaican barbecue sauce made with all kinds of spices and tomato based. Levi has been selling this sauce with his barbecued meat at the Notting Hill Carnaval. Last year he decided to sell the sauce on its own and he shifted 4,000 bottles.

Inspired by the success he decided to try to go into business and approached a company that may be able to produce the sauce on a larger scale.

Levi told the 'Dragons' that he had a firm order for 4,000,000 bottles but it turned out it was only for 4,000 litres and it wasn't an order but a quote. Normally when a candidate makes an error like that the dragons will spit on them and tell them they are morons and send them on their way. But undeterred by Levi thinking a Kg was equilvalent to 1,000 litres two of the dragons Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh offered Levi £50,000 fro 40% of the company.

Since the airing Levi has been on ITV singing and has been approached by Sainsbury's to possibly stock the sauce and they might even release his song as a product launcher.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Make yourself more attractive

The boffins at Manchester University have come up with an equation to explain the beer goggle effect. So clever use of the variables involved should help you to 'cop off' with birds in the pub. Considering that Kylie is back on the market this information should be absorbed as soon as possible.

An = number of units of alcohol consumed
S = smokiness of the room (graded from 0-10, where 0 clear air; 10 extremely smoky)
L = luminance of 'person of interest' (candelas per square metre; typically 1 pitch black; 150 as seen in normal room lighting)
Vo = Snellen visual acuity (6/6 normal; 6/12 just meets driving standard)
d = distance from 'person of interest' (metres; 0.5 to 3 metres)

A formula rating of less than one means no effect. Between one and 50 the person you would normally find unattractive appears less "visually offensive".
Non-appealing people become suddenly attractive between 51 and 100. At more than 100, someone not considered attractive looks like a super model.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's just not cricket

Strictly come dancing are approaching Monty for next series

I've been watching the Commonwealth Bank Tri-Series for the last month. Mainly due to my current employer's flexitime system that I can stay up late when there is naff-all on the box.

Although entertaining and in these chilly months it is nice to see all that Aussie sunshine. I just can't get my head round the tournament format.

Three teams Australia, England and New Zealand. They have to play each of the other teams 4 times. And at the end of that the two top teams in the table play each other in a final 3 times.

Seems like an excuse to just play loads of cricket games to me. Anyway it has been great to watch and finally we get to see England win a couple of matches after 2 months of being utter poo.

Tonight they will show the thriller from the 'Gabba' which England had to win to meet Australia in the final. It went right down to the last over where NZ needed 16 runs from the last 6 balls.

Highlights on BBC 11.20pm