Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gimme some Reggae Reggae Sauce

Levi Roots aka 'Keith'

Last week on Dragons Den, a potential investment seeker, Levi Roots, walked into the Den playing a guitar and singing a Reggae song about his sauce. "Gimme some Reggae Reggae sauce, so good I named it twice". The dragons looked stunned.

Levi knows his reggae, and knows his 'Jerk' sauce, but unfortunately showed he didn't have a head for figures.

Jerk sauce is a kind of Jamaican barbecue sauce made with all kinds of spices and tomato based. Levi has been selling this sauce with his barbecued meat at the Notting Hill Carnaval. Last year he decided to sell the sauce on its own and he shifted 4,000 bottles.

Inspired by the success he decided to try to go into business and approached a company that may be able to produce the sauce on a larger scale.

Levi told the 'Dragons' that he had a firm order for 4,000,000 bottles but it turned out it was only for 4,000 litres and it wasn't an order but a quote. Normally when a candidate makes an error like that the dragons will spit on them and tell them they are morons and send them on their way. But undeterred by Levi thinking a Kg was equilvalent to 1,000 litres two of the dragons Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh offered Levi £50,000 fro 40% of the company.

Since the airing Levi has been on ITV singing and has been approached by Sainsbury's to possibly stock the sauce and they might even release his song as a product launcher.

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