Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cake or Buscuit

The tunnock teacake, the 'original' teacake.

The European court of justice has finally ruled that the M&S teacake is actually a cake and not a biscuit. After around 10 years in discussion it seems the teacake may finally lose it's identity crisis.

Good news for Marks and Sparks as it means the VAT paid since the launch of the VAT biscuit tax will have to be refunded (around £3.5m).

I'm not a big fan of the teacake and I would call it neither a biscuit nor a cake, more a glorified biscuit.

McVities are currently investigating the possibility that the Jaffa cake could also be misidentified as a biccie.

Tunnock's, the more popular version of the teacake is not the companies most popular product with the 'Caramel' selling over 4,000,000 bars per week.