Saturday, April 18, 2009


I took a facebook quiz this afternoon. "Singers from the past - how they look now."
The one I got wrong was Donna Summer which annoyed me slightly as it was the most played 7" in my childhood collection of vinyl. Mainly from visits from my cousin who always insisted put the "groovy record on".

I was not surprised to see that this 7" has it's own
wikipedia page. Also the 7" was pressed by NY's Casablanca Records. Cowley died of HIV in 1982 and has always been cited as an influence by bands as New Order and Pet Shop Boys.

This version was a double sided 7". The first 3'45" on "A" side and the second 4'10" on the "B" side. There was a 15'45" version also produced on 12" which is a highly collectable item.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Newts and mating frogs

I was very pleased to find two common newts yesterday whilst cleaning out the pond. Not long ago they were on the endangered species list.

They were sharing their living space with 12 mating frogs all attached (6 pairs) and refusing to let go even during their temporary trip to the bucket whilst the pond was cleaned.

Now the pond water is clear and with the night spotlight installed the next few months should be interesting. Forg spawn galore and hopefully some newt spawn aswell.