Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crap Inventions #2

The Triumph Solar bra

Following the automatic cat feeder, the Triumph bra company have come up with a solar powered bra. The bra can power an ipod, display text messages ("stop looking at my tits") and has two refillable drinking pouches. The purpose of the pouches is to increase bra size and cut down use of plastic and aluminium drinking containers.

Triumph Japan hopes the bra inspires people to think about global warming, the dwindling supply of fossil fuels, and the future of energy.

I was particularly impressed by Triumph Japan's website promoting the japanese woman when selecting it's models.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Chasing water

We always thought our first cat was a bit 'dog-like' but now the second seems to be taking on 'dog-like' characteristics in that she likes to catch water. This short clip doesn't show her later excited state when she ended up soaked and looking like a drowned rat in her attempts to drink the water spray.


The Missing Man

This afternoon I went to watch 'the missing man' being flown over the Margraten American Cemetery. Had to queue for 15 minutes to get parked with the other thousands of visitors who went to thank our American brothers in arms for saving this part of Holland.

It was quite a touching ceremony. Nice music and reeth laying etc. And beautiful weather but a long wait for the deafining jets which is the main reason I went. But the hour and a half wait amongst those crosses makes you think about what went on in this peaceful part of Holland.

F16's flying 'the missing man'

Saturday, May 17, 2008


The Waffle Iron

For a few years now we have had an old Dutch Waffle Iron in the shed. It needed a good 'buff up' so it has never been used. But after we walked past a waffle maker outside the garden centre this afternoon I was compelled to do the required 'buffing'.
And soon after I began waffling. The first two were a bit of a disaster but later attempts were edible and quite tasty. I think a few more bashes and I'll be getting it spot on.

Some Waffle facts from wiki:

"Wafer" and "waffle" share common etymological roots. Wafre (wafer) occurs in Middle English by 1377, adopted from Middle Low German wâfel, with change of l into r. Modern Dutch wafel, French gaufre, and German Waffel, all meaning "waffle", share the same origin. The Dutch form, wafel, was adopted into modern American English as waffle, in the 18th century

The modern waffle has its origins in the wafers-very light thin crisp cakes, baked between wafer-irons-of the Middle Ages. Wafer irons consisted of two metal plates connected by a hinge, with each plate connected to an arm with a wooden handle. Some plates had imprinted designs such as a coat-of-arms or landscape, while some had the now-familiar honeycomb/gridiron pattern (there is evidence that in the 14th century only wealthy kitchens would have irons.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hot Air Balloon Simulator

I was looking for some info on ballooning weather conditions when I stumbled across this site.

It is a hot air balloon simulator. Very realistically done and very simple to use.


Click on the basket to burn, on the ceiling of the envelope to cool. Drop a marker at the yellow flag and return to base.

At different heights the winds change and you have a small weather balloon to release to guage the winds. It's actualy quite tough, but theraputic.

Friday, May 09, 2008

English tits thriving : Dutch tits not

I read on the bbc website today that the English tits are thriving with climate change and nesting earlier due to the earlier emergance of catterpillars.

The article states that the Dutch tits have not managed to adapt in a similar way. I'm not sure I totally believe this as we have commented several times about the number of tits in our garden this year and they are around earlier than usual.

But there again living in the udder of Holland which is 'Limburg' our demographics usually are better compared to that of Belgium than Holland. There is no mention in the report as to how Belgian tits are coping.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The demise of English comedy

Holland has always been a keen buyer of English comedy. But how long will it last with the current crap coming from BBC3. Scallywags is the latest desperate attempt on a new comedy programme series from BBC3.

Is it any good?

Bag ' o Shite

And use of the BBC3 site i not allowed outside the UK. I haven't seen a decent comedy in the last 3 years.