Friday, December 15, 2006

Crap Inventions

I can't believe I bought this. Was a kind of a novelty impulse buy hoping our cat would entertain us. Turns out it's a pile of old crap, destined for eBay and the next mug.

I present 'Smart Cat'. I'm glad to see they didn't ™ it. Would have been a waste of Prolink Internationals money

Shit in a box

The idea is that as your cat approaches the bowl the lid raises up revealing din-dins then when it walks away the lid shuts again. Simple but ingenious I thought popping it in my trolley at the DIY store. In the summer it'll keep off the flies, keep the food fresh. What the ingenious boffins forgot to factor into the equation is that cats are jumpy creatures and they don't like being repeatedly twatted in the face by a metal lid.

So after about 4 attempts 'Spike' had decided he wasn't playing ball with this device and won't go anywhere near it. To prove why it doesn't work I "youtubed" Spike. He was hungry and with a few tasty biscuits in the fly-trap and 10 minutes cautious walking around it he went in again.


Glynn said...

We like the cat video in our house.

Polarbear said...

i felt a bit guilty making that. He had already made it very obvious he was not impressed. Anyway it's on ebay now.

I should take it back and complain. I can't imagine any feline approving.