Friday, December 22, 2006

Lock up your Rabbits

Haverton Hill Incenerator. Havvie Hill was made infamous by Auf Wiedersehn Pet
Series 3 when Dennis says 'What next a visit to Haverton Hill glue Factory'

An Eagle Owl has been spotted in Middlesbrough Town Centre yesterday. It apperently tried to attack a local businessman on his way from the office.

Eagle owls don't live in the UK naturally (only by captivity) and strangely enough the nearest known breeding pair nests in Maastricht. In the Saint Pietersburg area around a Marlstone (concrete) quarry owned by ENCI.

Saint Pietersburg is an historic area of Maastricht as it was built as the front line defence for the Limburg area from the Spaniards, Romans and Belgians. A bit like a ancient immigration office.

The Eagle Owl is quite a ferocious creature and has been known to kill other birds of prey to obtain exclusitivity of it's hunting area. The Gazette has slowly exagerated the killing power of the bird throughout the day. It is now capable of killing deer.

When the BBC visited the Maastricht pair they found limbs of rabbits and savaged wings of large birds below the nesting area.

Eagle Owls nest dangerously close to Belgians. It is planned to turn
the ENCI quarry into a water recreational area once the Marlstone is exhausted.

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