Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sports Personality of the Year

This year I think the best choice is not to vote. I know it's supposed to be about personality, but as ever the 'powers that be' have gone with what they think are the best achievers in sport this year.

the candidates :

1: Jenson Button

113 attempts before achieveing a grand prix win in Hungary this year

2: Joe Calzaghe

A boxer

3: Darren Clarke

One of the favourites unfortunately due to the loss of his wife Heather. The News of the World (scum) printed a story this morning about Darrens new partner insinuating it might be too soon to have another relationship following the death of his wife. Nice timing!

4: Nicole Cooke

For me Nicole deserves to win, Before Cooke, no man or woman from Britain had even made the top 20 of the world road race rankings, but she topped them. A sport we have never been much cop at and now the world no.1. But have you ever heard of her.?

5: Ricky Hatton

Another Boxer

6: Andy Murray

He cuts his own hair you know!. Deserves to win by defeating Roger Federer alone.

7: Monty Panesar

The turbanator, who has not even started in an ashes test as yet.

8: Zara Phillips

Royal horse totty, who will be the best dressed tonight. "Mummy won it in '71 so why shouldn't one prevail"

9: Phil Taylor

Probably the best darts player in the world. And owner of the worst tattoe in the world.
13 times World Champion and on the board of directors at Sky TV.

10: Beth Tweddle

Also another deserved winner in that she has succeeded at a sport we are pants at. It takes 3 shire horses to pull Beth's hair into position before a competition. She will be trying to outshine Zara Phillips tonight with a black number, and loose hair as the horses were not allowed to attend

The bookies have it at:

Darren Clarke 1/9
Zara Phillips 6/1
Joe Calzaghe 14/1
Monty Panesar 40/1
Andy Murray 40/1
Phil Taylor 80/1
Jenson Buttom 100/1
Beth Tweddle 100/1
Ricky Hatton 100/1
Nicole Cooke 100/1


Glynn said...

I think Zara Philips is going to win

Polarbear said...

nahhh shes too posh