Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Miss USA ® "Trumped"

Tara Connor, she looks such a wholesome gal.

Miss USA, Tara Connor, has been given a stern telling off by Donald Trump the owner of the 3 beauty pageants, Miss Universe ® Miss USA ® and Miss Teen USA ®. She has been allegedly knocking back the liqueur, partaking in illegal substances and lezza snogging with Miss Teen USA ® in Trump Tower.

A tearful Tara thanked Mr Trump for giving her a second chance and promised she is going to better herself and become 'the best Miss USA you have ever seen'. Awwwww!

Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA


Glynn said...

She doesn't look all "real" to me....

Polarbear said...

it's just the pertfulness of youth