Saturday, May 20, 2006

Vote for finland!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Jelle beats Phil

The young pretender has done it again and beaten Phil Taylor who hasn't lost a podium televised match in 2 years. A fact which in the post match interview he was not willing to admit that easily. "Errr I'm not sure".

For Jelle it was of no consiquence as he was already out of the QF's. But the way in which he won has to say that this is a guy for the future of darts. Phil Taylor fell apart . 3 60's in a row when the pressure was on. The old campaigner seemed to lose the plot when Klaasen put the pressure on.

And there is a new guy on the block, a 17 year old Michael van Gerwen, Who has got through to the QF's. He looked extremely impressive. A friend of Jelle. He will play Raymond .V. Barneveld in the QF. A Match to look forward to.

the Quater Final line up is

73. Ted Hankey (O)
Colin Lloyd (O)
74. Raymond van Barneveld (M)
Michael van Gerwen (M)
75. Martin Adams (P)
Roland Scholten (P)
72. Phil Taylor (N)
Simon Whitlock (N)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

this title has been deleted due it's inappropriateness

As if it weren't enough to be in the UEFA cup Final. Yesterday Sven 'the Swede' Eriksson announced that Stewie Downing will be going to Germany as part of the England squad. Was very unexpected as he has had a few matches with the team in friendlies but it was almost sure he wasn't going to feature in the final squad. More suprisingly Mr Eriksson has decided to take a 17 year old who has not only never played for England, but has never played for his present club (Arsenal). Saying that I have just watched a video of his performances and I think Sven is no fool taking him along. Those long socks and quick legs remind me of a certain player that is no slouch. Oui Oui I mean you Monsieur!.

Here is a liitle clip of the boy wonder

A new sign which has been erected in a Middlesbrough High Street.

Playing the Dummy at work

This afternoon i had to speak 350 odd phrases into a Laptop. These phrases will be later played through a dummy in a vehicle at varying speeds to test a new voice recognition system for future cars. I felt a bit of a dick talking to a pc "Enable entertainment system" ; "hospitals and medical centres" ; "Wales" (?) ; "switch to 197.5 FM".

After a short test run the guy running it said "Is that the way you usually talk to a machine or your normal voice". I don't talk to machines that much but I guess he was right it wasn't my natural voice. So I tried to be normal whilst I was tell Mr IBM Notebook to "alter destinataion by 1KM!".

This is not the first time have done this would you believe. Such a bizarre task. Yet before starting my present job I managed to nail 2.5 hours of work with a company working for Renault doing the same thing. That time though i had to do it in a moving car. First we did it in McDonalds Car Park (ooh err Mrs), then at 60Km/h on a country road, and finally at 110 Km/h on the motorway. The system performed so badly at 110Km/h the driver had to turn back on himself as we were running out of highway.

Me: "Call Mr Smith!"
PC: "Please repeat . I do not understand"
Me: "Call Mr Smith!"
PC:"Please repeat . I do not understand"
Me: "CALL MR SMITH!!!!!!!!!"
PC:"Please repeat . I do not understand"
Me: "Oh fuck it give me the phone"
PC:"Calling Mr Smith now"

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Endangered species in the back Gard

This evening whilst enjoying the unusual sunshine our attention was brought to a toad trying to escape the pond for a wander. It's trip was sharply disturbed by 'Spike' (our cat) who decided to stomp a paw on it's head. Fortunately for the said toad he managed to hop skip and jump away from the predator and disappeared again into the pond.

We did manage to get a good enough look at the beast to identify it as (so our nature book says) the "most endangered amphibian in the Netherlands.... "The Yellow Bellied Toad". Or in Dutch the "Geelbuikvuurpad" (Bombina variegata) .

So we have a little endagered man in the back 'gard'. Shall i call the RSPCA, or just wait for spikey to get him next time like he does usually with the other frogs/toads and bring them into the house with tooth marks in their backs.

I couldn't eat one whole honest!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sorry England Your Loss is our gain

Wey Hey!!
A UEFA Cup Final and we get rid of McLaren.
Finally we might see some attacking football next season. The only time old ginge ever showed us
it was when we needed 4 goals and we were losing badly.

With this squad and a decent manager next season I think we may be going places. Watch out Spurs!
We're having that 4th place off yas next season!

OK maybe a bit harsh. He's been our most succesful manager ever, maybe except Jack Charlton. But I think he has had his time . Fresh start and please try and score rather than defend defend defend.