Tuesday, May 09, 2006

this title has been deleted due it's inappropriateness

As if it weren't enough to be in the UEFA cup Final. Yesterday Sven 'the Swede' Eriksson announced that Stewie Downing will be going to Germany as part of the England squad. Was very unexpected as he has had a few matches with the team in friendlies but it was almost sure he wasn't going to feature in the final squad. More suprisingly Mr Eriksson has decided to take a 17 year old who has not only never played for England, but has never played for his present club (Arsenal). Saying that I have just watched a video of his performances and I think Sven is no fool taking him along. Those long socks and quick legs remind me of a certain player that is no slouch. Oui Oui I mean you Monsieur!.

Here is a liitle clip of the boy wonder http://www.metacafe.com/watch/56388/theo_walcott/

A new sign which has been erected in a Middlesbrough High Street.


Pustol said...

You mean another shame day for Boro. You're lucky you're getting rid of McClarren. Maybe you should try to get rid of Viduka as well. Boateng was great though. I think we'll win the Worldcup.

Polarbear said...

I had a bad feeling as soon as i saw Jimmy and Viduka starting. Maccarone and Yakuba should have started.

BDB said...

ouch.... 4-0