Sunday, May 07, 2006

Endangered species in the back Gard

This evening whilst enjoying the unusual sunshine our attention was brought to a toad trying to escape the pond for a wander. It's trip was sharply disturbed by 'Spike' (our cat) who decided to stomp a paw on it's head. Fortunately for the said toad he managed to hop skip and jump away from the predator and disappeared again into the pond.

We did manage to get a good enough look at the beast to identify it as (so our nature book says) the "most endangered amphibian in the Netherlands.... "The Yellow Bellied Toad". Or in Dutch the "Geelbuikvuurpad" (Bombina variegata) .

So we have a little endagered man in the back 'gard'. Shall i call the RSPCA, or just wait for spikey to get him next time like he does usually with the other frogs/toads and bring them into the house with tooth marks in their backs.

I couldn't eat one whole honest!!

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