Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's just not cricket

Strictly come dancing are approaching Monty for next series

I've been watching the Commonwealth Bank Tri-Series for the last month. Mainly due to my current employer's flexitime system that I can stay up late when there is naff-all on the box.

Although entertaining and in these chilly months it is nice to see all that Aussie sunshine. I just can't get my head round the tournament format.

Three teams Australia, England and New Zealand. They have to play each of the other teams 4 times. And at the end of that the two top teams in the table play each other in a final 3 times.

Seems like an excuse to just play loads of cricket games to me. Anyway it has been great to watch and finally we get to see England win a couple of matches after 2 months of being utter poo.

Tonight they will show the thriller from the 'Gabba' which England had to win to meet Australia in the final. It went right down to the last over where NZ needed 16 runs from the last 6 balls.

Highlights on BBC 11.20pm

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Glynn said...

I think England papped their pants a bit in the Ashes series but now they are relaxing a bit more. They'll still be beaten by the Aussies in the three finals, though.