Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Eigth Hole

This was the most difficult hole I have ever played in golf.

Two dutch old dudes were following me in their buggy, chasing me round a long course, said to me after my first two attempts, "hey did we hear the fishies?" (this was because my balls entered the water)


So I walked down to the point where you could chip on to the green ( after a few failed attempts) and waited at the next tee to see the two 'buggy boys' both sink their balls into the lake (twice).

It is obviously a 'bastard' hole coz they walked straight past the point where you can regain your golf 'prowess'.

It is very interesting playing golf in Holland as they presume for some reason it is an 'elite' sport.
For instance a colleague of mine said that she needed to spend 1/3 of her income for the next 12 months to pass the exams to be able to play golf in Holland and to be a member of her local club this year. It came to 3,000 Euros.

I love walking around they so called elite places, blagging my way on with my UK Handicap card and hitting a sweet drive in front of people who have spent thousands in leasons being told they can't play golf until they have a certificate to do so.

What a load of old bollocks!!!!!!

Golf courses in Holland are mainly full of old todgers who can't play very well, irritated at young'uns who are getting in the way of what they conside a sport for the retired person. And the Dutch wonder why they don't have many good professionals.

For once the UK got it right! Let anyone play a sport and you might find someone good at it. Make it as difficult as possible to play a sport and for sure you will not.

So here is the eighth hole I could have showed you the GWB examination paper instead which lets you play golf in Holland but unfortunately it is 300 pages long.

For once the lesson is don't think too much about something just do it.


Anonymous said...

Shurely "old codgers". "Old todgers" is something entirely different. I think you're painting a rosy picture of Golf in the UK. It's dominated by members-only clubs, Pringle knitwear and middle-aged committee types propping up the bar.

Polarbear said...

probably am a bit. Considering where i played pitch and put - Prissick Base - But still at least you dont have to take an exam to play at prissick base.
Q1 What is the max strength of cider ?
Q2 As you only have 2 hands is a 6 pack or a 2 lire bottle better?
Q3 Shell-Suit or Shell Suit? Discuss