Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Views from virtual Earth part #1

Google Earth is pap outside the centre of Middlesbrough, but there is an alternative powered by BG himself. 'Live Local' So here is Nunthorpe, aka 'Naughty Nunthorpe' or 'Barless'. Later in this blog i will be trying to resolve the argument ...... "where is the closest pub to Nunthorpe?"

Nunthorpe was named so because in the early 6th century a group of Catholic Nuns settled there to flee the Viking tribe of Orme who had just overthrown a nearby settlement, now known as Ormesby. The nickname that is now used 'naughty Nunthorpe' is said to come from the fact that the Nuns would charge the local 'Nunthorpe' village men tuppence ha'penny for a lesbian floordance show when their turnip crop failed in the mid 7th century.


Glynn said...

I couldn't get your link to work.

Glynn said...

Scandalous tale about the turnips....

Polarbear said... playing up with images