Friday, November 03, 2006

Don't go in the House

in honour of the recently re-united Captain Cakeshop

When I was at University me and 2 other renegades (the Ape and Captain Cakeshop) chipped in 20 quid each to buy an outdated VHS player to fill our dull evenings at Larch Court with video entertainment from our local (very pants) video rental store.

We quickly realised that it was possible to use a microphone to record music or voices on to tapes and soon we being the 'pranksters' that we were decided to abuse crap horror movies from the afore-mentioned store.

One in particular was the movie 'Don't go in the house' . Apart from the Cinematographer 'Oliver Wood' this seems to be the only or last film of almost the whole cast's career. So I don't feel at all guilty that we spoiled the film for future rentals by whispering 'Don't go in the house' at various points of the film.

After random sabotage, I decided to use this facility to make short videos to music by using clips from music vidoes and reportages of the music scene we were into at the time.

If youtube was around at the time I'm sure i would have been on uploading these videos.
Alas it wasn't so now it is I decided to have a bash at vidoe editing again this afternoon. It took me an hour so don't expect anything 'Oliver Wood' quality as I only had 4 video clips on my camera.

I present for your delectation 'Please Please Please', created and inspired by my recent refutation by my employee for another position.


Polarbear said...

p.s if anyone knows a way of coverting video to digital files i will post one of the originals from Larch Court 304. the 'Fools Gold' video was a classic.

Eugene Schlumberger said...

As part of my A Level Geography we were shown a video about the disasterous planning scheme that was Hulme in Manchester. Somewhere along the line someone had worked out how to put subtitles onto the programme. Thus, halfway through, captions began to pop up about what a dull programme it was, much to our amusement. 18 months later I was mugged in Hulme, an event more exciting than the video.
I've heard a lot about you lot buggering about in Salford. In fact, I'd heard that story about the whispering on the video before. Didn't stop me giggling like a girl though when I read it tonight.

Eugene Schlumberger said...

I love the way the world works sometimes. No sooner has Polarbear posted about his primitive video sabotage and I've commented about people adding their own subtitles to educational programmes than it has just been on TV that some wag hacked into the computer system at a carpark in Crawley and scrolled an electronic message advising drivers to "Fuck off"

Polarbear said...

an ex-colleague of mine her, runs a website for the parking industry. Please send me a link. Coz he will post it thinking it is a valid news item for 'parking professionals'.

Is that not a good name for a new reality show?

Anonymous said...

I've put your video through a thorough Freudian analysis and I conclude that you are a sex-starved werewolf with a Merecedes fixation.

Any video we didn't like, we used to tape of the credits with the sound "mmwwwwwaaaaahhhh", aswell.

To capture video you need one of these. It'll also let you PC act as a hard-disk recorder too.