Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nunthorpe School produces Miss Great Britain - Preeti Desai

Miss GB 2006

Preeti Desai was crowned Miss Great Britain at the weekend. Preeti, a 24 year old stunner, from Guisborough was a former Nunthorpe School pupil. If it wasn't for Teddy Sheringham, Preeti would have never won the coveted title.

Sheringham, the 40 year old 'veteran' striker saw fit to award his maximum 12 points to Miss Warrington, aka Danielle Lloyd, a 23 year old shapely beauty from Liverpool. The problem was that the ageing football star forgot to reveal he was dating the scouse stunner.

Eventually she was stripped of her crown and the voting was re-staged with our Boro 'knock-out' topping the totty league table. Well done Preeti!

Check out her myspace site Is that the real Mark Schwarzer leaving her a message on the 12th October?

Miss GB 2006. Cheers Teddy Boy!


Eugene Schlumberger said...

She is actually a friend of a friend of mine, though I haven't met her.
She sho is a preeti girl!

Anonymous said...

I've had her..........up ass

Anonymous said...

youve had her in your dreams you sad twat

Eugene Schlumberger said...

I heard you. On't wireless.

Polarbear said...

yes that was a bit of a mistake, was ringing to complain about t'internet thing, and she suddenly said 'right your the first caller'

shat meself!

Glynn said...

No one at Nunthorpe looked like that in my day. Well, apart from Sarah Robinson, maybe.

Polarbear said...

The teenyboppers were much better looking. Poytential Miss Worlds!