Monday, January 16, 2006

You looked Yellow Barney

Finally after 8 years of watching Barney, I felt confident that a 21 year old would win. Not one time during the final did I lose faith. Klaasen is a Class act, no doubt. And that Barney asked Eric Bristow to be there to witness the new face of darts made it even sweeter.
What a match!!!!


The New Dutchman said...
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The New Dutchman said...

I'm glad he won.... only thing i'm pissed off about is that I didn't put my 10 pounds on him when it was 100-1!

Polarbear said...

me 2, i said after the first round he'd win it. Wouldnt have been 100-1 but would have kept me in beer for a day or 2.