Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Lakeside kicks off

Always a good weekend for the armchair sportsman. 3rd round FA Cup and the possibility of some red-faced premiership managers. And 9 days of pure unadulterated darts. After the sham of the PDC championship I for one are looking forward to the Lakeside. If you like watching 6-0, 7-0 matches and an disinterested crowd (who talk rather than watch the games) in what looks like a blackpool pub, with scoring from a fat bloke with laryngitis then the PDC is for you.

Anyway i hope the BDO and the lakeside can restore my faith in darts after that farce.

Semi-Finals: Come on Klaasen!!!

Jelle Klaasen (Ned) v Shaun Greatbatch (Eng)
Martin Adams (Eng) v Raymond van Barneveld (Ned)

And not forgetting the ladies.

Clare Bywaters (Eng) v Sabine Beutler (Swi)
Trina Gulliver (Eng) v Karen Littler (Eng)
Francisca Hoenselaar (Ned) v Karen Lawman (Eng)
Karin Krappen (Ned) v Jan Robbins (Wal)

And the winner is Trina Gulliver. Right better get down the newsagents to get me championship wall-chart.


The New Dutchman said...

oh dear 1-1 against, er, Nuneaton. the talking heads' Road to Nowhere comes to mind.

Polarbear said...

It's a charity contribution to a non-league side. We wanted to boost their coffers.

The New Dutchman said...

I think your charity efforts might be a bit dissapointing seeing as your stadium features alot of empty seats.

Fordham is out... paves the way for Van Barneveld I think...

The New Dutchman said...

oh yes and my day is getting better and better. I borrowed someone's tv and I see Spurs will be live on BBC 1! Just don't tell the licensing people I'm watching!

Polarbear said...

they will find you. they stick aerials through your letterbox

Polarbear said...

3-2 oh dear...giant killers

Polarbear said...

So after day 2 a few shocks. Hankey, Walton, fordham out. and a few predictable results, Stompe, Eccles and Walton out. 3 more dutch players tommorow night maybe they can make it a bit more interesting.

As for the FA cup what a weekend. For once some surprises. 4th round draw at 2:30pm CET

The New Dutchman said...

hmm now they can focus all their energy on the league...?

Polarbear said...

yes indeed ....UEFA cup for you poor spuds next season