Monday, January 02, 2006

Blogs Away

Inspired by an ex-colleague, i have decided to start blogging as it were.
By the way has that term been entered into the oxford dictionary yet?
Let me check.......

Nope maybe next update.
Blog n to 1 senselessly muse one's thoughts. 2 a modern day scrap book for the internet afflicted

So whilst listening to the Boro take on the magpies i decided to set up my own 'blog'. Lets see how it goes. I have ventured into the internet 'whim' on many occasions and not many of them last. I recently put my first 'whim', which was actually a bet, to sleep. The Rudds Arms. Not a bad one even though I say it myself. Lasted 6 or 7 years. Was twice in the local Boro rag. And gave many people 'some' pleasure. It was a website for Teesside expats to keep in touch around the world. Was kind of superceeded by friends reunited though.

Yessss! Sorry I digress. Hasselbaink has just put boro 2-1 up at St. James . Weeheee.

Another one was Kate Humble's first ever unofficial fansite. We had to close that down though after we were threatened with legal action by the friendly BBC. Oh my word!. Just looked for a picture for Kate to link to and the website is still online. Oh well so much for your scary threats BBC Kate Humble unofficial and slightly rubbish Fansite. Kind of dissapointing for Kate though. 7 years down the line and she still only has this site. Well at least her guestbook is still being used even if it is for bizarre requests. i.e "i love kate please wear stockings and suspenders :)".
Never work with animals, children of Ben Fogle

Arse! 2-2 at St. James. Equalized with 10 seconds to go. Boro are rubbish! Oh well final whistle has gone. Bring on the gunners.

So well here we go. Now just have to think of something to actually put on 'me' blog.

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The New Dutchman said...

2-2 huh...? Bummer, too bad you didnt get Sounnes fired although perhaps better for M'boro if he stays on.... btw I wouldnt be Dutch if I didnt point out that it was totally free...