Saturday, January 14, 2006

Netherlands v Holland

So the young Matador made it to the final to face the Bull himself, Mr Barneveld.
I think the lakeside is going to be full of Klaasen fans tomorrow.

Barneveld asked live on TV if Eric Bristow (the Crafty Cockney) would come to watch him play in the final tomorrow as it would mean a lot to him. Obviously thinking 'I am on my way to join his record of 5 Frimley Green titles'. I hope he does turn up and also that he sees the future of darts pummel him into the ground.

Oh there was another sport close to my heart I was interested in today , but we won't mention that. Sounded more like the result i'm hoping for Klaasen tomorrow 7-0. No Match of the day for me tonight.

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