Monday, March 09, 2009

Parking Jobsworth

I received a fine today from Parking attendent 009418 Maastricht Gemeente. 60 Euros for parking outside my own house where no parking restrictions exist.

The parking fine was timed 19:49 Friday 06.03.09. But we drove the car away from outside the house at 19:30 that night to the proper parking places. 2 weeks before we had done a similar thing, gone for shopping parked to unload, and received a similar warning ticket with no fine.

So we were very aware some jobsworth in our area was pissed off that we did do this. But Why?. Our car was not in the way of any road/access.

Strange thing is that this parking ticket appeared on Sunday. But still dated Friday. So some local person has contacted a Parking knob to ask for a ticket to be printed out to be two days later planted on our windscreen.

It rained most of the day Saturday and Sunday. And yet a perfectly dry parking ticket was placed on our windscreen on Sunday (but dated Friday).

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Glynn said...

If That's Life was still going, this story would be on it.