Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Check-out Girl

There is one job in this world that is not appreciated enough and that is the Supermarket check-out girl.

Proven by the bestseller & succesful blogger check-out girl Anna Sam. Her book adapted from her blog has been translated into 10 languages.

A University graduate, Anna, found her degree didn't help find her gainful employment so she went back to her student job in the supermarket in Rennes in France. A minimum wage job.

She then set up her blog which was after a few years spotted by a publisher and she is now a bestseller. Strangely enough the book has not been translated into English.

Some quotes from Anna's Blog (which attracts a lot of check-out girls)

Margot: A man at my till told his daughter: “See, if you don't do your schoolwork you'll be as stupid as that woman.” I told him that I had a degree. “Well, it's not obvious from your face,” he replied.

Maryline: A rich-looking woman asked me to look in her handbag for the right coins. I asked why. She said that she would ruin her manicure if she did it herself.

Amandine: I've been a checkout worker for eight years and I've lost my taste for laughter. I can't even smile any more. I hope I have the courage to leave and do something else with my life.

After the publication of her book Anna has been asked to help at Supermarket conferences to help on issues. She advised the managers at one conference to say "Hello" to all check-out staff at the beginning of the day.

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