Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Rise of the Superchef

Last night BBC2 aired a documentary on the rise of the TV superchef. "The Rise of the Superchef". The show pointed out some of the chefs are suffering from the 'credit crunch'. One in particular Antony Worrall-Thompson who has had to close 4 of his 6 restaurants last month after the holding company AWT Restaurants went into administration.

I felt a little sorry for the carrot-topped double barrelled gastronome until it was later revealed in the programme most of his income comes from book sales and 'brand-slap' products. AWT slaps his 'boatrace' on various kitchenware products, to £700 barbecue grills to an 'environmentally friendly bathroom cleaner and lime scale remover'. His branded products are expected to generate over £60m in sales.

Bathroom cleaner and lime scale remover

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