Monday, January 01, 2007

No fireworks next year

Guy Fawkes used less than this

Due to a misunderstanding with our hosts last night I had purchased a box of fireworks. Our hosts had also done this. He had later also been given almost 3 times as much, as we had both bought, by a customer who is a distributor of pyrotechnics. He also took care of a similar present for a colleague to later find out he was on holiday so would not be able to use them. The eventual result was a shit load of them. It took an hour to prepare them and almost an hour for two of us to set them all off. Four of us to carry them to the local square. I have got pain in my thighs from crouching down to light them. I missed most of them as we were madly rushing to get them finished. Next year I'm gonna watch.

We did entertain the loacals mind. We had an audience at one point and even received a round of applause when we simultaenously lit about 80 euros at once.


Queen of Sky said...

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Glynn said...

I like the chinese crackers. The rest are a bit rubbish.