Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Lakeside

This years competition is hotting up to be a battle of the hard-core BDO players. The competition was billed as a write-off as new boys Michael van Gerwen and Jelle Klaasen to take the tournament away from the 'old guard'.

But it has proved to be the opposite. The 'old guard' have shown their experience on the big stage and that experience should never be written off.

A lot of rubbish is written about darts, and in general by people who only watch the televised competitions.

We now have three North-East players in the Quater-Finals for the first time.

Tony Eccles of South Bank, Boro
Gary Robson of Northumberland
and Phil Nixon of Durham

There was a chance of all 4 quarters featuring North East players until Davy Richardson from Gateshead lost his second round match.

Unfortunately I think that Eccles has the least chance of making the next round as he has to play the pet-lipped most unsportsmanlike King, whereas Robson and Nixon(a qualifier) have a great chance to make the last 4.

Robson has played out of his skin and looks the more likely to succeed. Let's hope that Eccles can also provide us with some hope against Mervyn King who will be definitely not having any support from the crowd as he has riled both his fellow players and the crowd with some unsporting behavour. But even though he hasn't dropped a set yet his averages would seem to say he won't have much chance against King unless he plays the darts he does on the circuit.

It would be good to see both in the semis as they do have better DWAGS. A synomyn which Tony Green seems to have introduced "Darts Wifes and Girlfirends".

Gary Robsons's wife is the spit of Anna Friel.


Glynn said...

I know nothing about darts apart from the fact that its full of Dutchmen.

Polarbear said...

And Dutchwomen apparently
Turns out the Friel look-a-like from Gerodieland is actually a cloggy aswell