Thursday, January 04, 2007

Is that it!?

Is that it?. You may be saying after the end of this movie

Along with the along-waited release of Atonement which has already had a pre-release test screening another redcar based movie will be released this year. "Is that it?". A story of losing one's cherry in 'Redcah'. It features Redcar sea-front, Whitby, Roseberry Topping, ICI and Corus, the Regent cinema, Redcar 'Musies' and I'm sure a Lemon-Top will be in there somewhere.

I've been to the Regent once in 1983 to watch E.T. The projector broke down during the emotional send-off scene when ET boards the UFO. The lights came on for 10 minutes while they quickly glued back the film together or whatever was wrong was fixed, and a lot of back seat snogging was rudely interrupted. The movie is set around that time.

"Atonement" spent a fortune on extras and set-building as they needed to create an authentic World War II feel to the movie, whereas 'Is that it?' didn't need to spend much to give Redcar an 80's feel. It was just a question of finding an Escort XR2 and a bottle of Blue Nun.

Here's a clip.


Glynn said...

Where did you find out about that?

It looks a bit cheap and nasty...

Polarbear said...

It was on the gazette site when they were commenting on the progress of the other one.

Reminds me of that book.