Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You Tube

You Tube seems to be the fastest growing phenomina in the world of the internet.
I believe that it will become an excellent reference library almost as indespensible as as a 'google' search or a 'wikpeda' listing.

On Sunday my sister bought me a 'Diablo' and after exhausting the only trick I could do I quickly found lots of 'youtube' tutorials on how to perform flabergasting tricks for your mates at your next party. (Still can't do any though).

A recent trend also seems to be to stick a digicam in your car and record a trip through your place of residance. What a waste of Megabytes!


Glynn said...

Indeed. YouTube use up a frightening amount of Internet real-estate which is rumoured to cost them around $1m dollars a month. With now obvious means of making money, other than advertising, one wonders where the money is coming from.

killjoy_bdb said...

some say the fun won't last due to all the copyright infringment thats going on there

twangers-r-us said...

Do you know this show from your youth?


Polarbear said...

rainbow! yes indeed used to watch it for the comedy element. Have a LP at home