Friday, September 29, 2006

First Gig

Like your first record 'Theme from Monkey' (BBC records) or first LP 'Zenyatta Mondatta' by the Police I guess everyone remembers their first gig. Mine unfortunately wasn't really cool enough too be called a 'gig'. It was more a 'Rocktacular' or 'Metal-fest'.

The venue was the Redcar Bowl and the band was called 'Magnum'. Birmingham's pomp rock outfit? It was actually quite a good night. Fueled on by halfs of cider we got quite into it, and instead of falling over laughing when the Spinal Tap moments arrived we gasped in amazement.

The lead singer disappeared before one song, then appeared in the spotlight with a angulared mirrored head mask shooting out beams of light in all directions into the crowd. The crowd gasped with delight. Another song was played wearing fruit head masks.

'She should be made to smell the glove'

I left the gig thinking I was going to really get into metal. I was only 13 and I blame it on hormones and leather pants. The metal phase never really came thankfully.

Stangely enough I had been invited to a gig 2 months previously by 3 girls. But I quickly turned them down. 1 - It scared witless the idea to be with 3 girls for a whole day in Newcastle, and 2, I thought it sounded a bit 'gay' going to a concert that would be full of 'teenyboppers' all adoring the blokes in the band. The band was 'Frankie goes to Hollywood'.


Glynn said...

I saw Queen at an early age. That was a poor choice for a first gig. I later made up for it with Suzanne Vega and Martin Stephenson and the Daintees (at Redcar Bowl, coincidently)

Polarbear said...

I can't really remember what came 2nd and 3rd. But if we are discounting numerous gigs of Skywalker at the Kirk I presume it was the 2 freebies gigs we had at Salford for freshers week.

Tansvision Vamp and Texas?

"Get your tits out!"
"Bon Jovi Bon John Jovi!"

didn't u meet Peter Hook at the Vamp concert?