Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gillette Fusion

A Couple of weeks ago on 'Dragon's Den' one inventor came on with a 5 bladed razor which was quickly thrown out as absurd. I was quite shocked by this decision as as anyone who has closely followed the revolution that is 'disposable razor technology' will know........

Simple equation is
New Technology = Old Technology + 1 blade.

Gillette are currently launching the Fusion disposable razor with 6 blades. 5 on the front and one on the back for 'those tricky places'. Yes Mr Gillette it is difficult to shave tricky places with a razor that is as wide as a football pitch.

Apparently the sales of the 'Fusion' haven't been that good so far , so John Consumer may be rebelling. Enough is enough. I think Gillette's next product may be the four bladed razor.

Gillette Quatroplex. Because 5 blades was too much , we taken the complexity out of shaving with 'Quatroplex'!


Il Maranza said...


Glynn said...

I think you should try out this new razor before passing judgement. Perhaps you could try it in conjunction with Somersets Shaving Oil - a better shave or your money back.

Polarbear said...

the oil sounds fine but why 5 blades?
are corus involved?

Polarbear said...

I went to go and buy a fusion last night. You can't get them over here yet.

Or there wasn't space on the bloody rack anymore for them. Funnily enough there is a razor from Wilkinson called Quattro