Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Has the World Cup just become shit or not?

Germany v Sweden - Boring as shite.

Argentina v Mexico - well OK

England v Equador - also boring as shite

Portugal v Holland - Good to watch but not for football.

Australia v Italy - One team wanted to win and the other won by a dodgy penalty.

Switzerland v Ukraine - just plain crap and was only looking forward to the penalties (which was rubbish)

Please bring some entertainment on with Brazil, France, Spain and Ghana.

Come on Ghana!!!!


Pustol said...

It's is that shitty that I started considering supporting Germany. To make it more interesting they should start paying female streakers, disqualify any team that doesn't create more than 20 chances in a match and award the Fair Play Cup to any player that kicks Figo, Ballack, or Grosso out of the World Cup, or preferable out of football forever.

Polarbear said...

Well you look German so go for it.

The New Dutchman said...

Yes Heinrich I completely agree with you. I'm in doubts if I should support England or not... my heart says yes as I don't really want a bunch of cheats to win, but on the other hand watching the looks on the faces of all those English wankers when England are out would be priceless... decisions decisions