Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Going to Walk the Dog

I've managed to avoid my local so far through the World Cup. But decided to go tonight.
1: It'll be stress free. We are through.
2: I got turned down a job I applied for today that i really wanted.
3: It's Tuesday and the dog needs a walk.

I don't really have a dog, just my pussy which i play with a lot!. The phrase is from Newcastle (Geordie-Land), where the local brew (Newcastle Brown Ale - or Newcy Brune) got the nickname 'dog' as that was the old fellas excuse to the wife when he wanted to nip doon the pub for a pint.

Anyway so I'm abandoning the sofa for the pub. I have a wierd feeling about watching football int the pub this year. I've been about 10 times to watch Boro UEFA matches and each time I have been the only Boro supporter in the whole place. So at least I won't look like a dick if we score tonight.

I think we do need to win though tonight to avoid the Germans. They must be becoming confident now with 8 goals to their name and 9 points. I was happy to hear though that 5 of those goals are actually scored by Polish. Klose and Podolski.

Anyway my prediction for tonight is England 3 - Sweden 1
Rooney 2 Gerrard 1 and Larsson 1

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