Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A day at the races

Last week i spent a day at Redcar Racecourse (locally known as Radkah Races) watching the gee-gees.

Now a day at the races is always meant to be fun, but made more memorable if you leave the course with a pocket full of cash and not empty handed. So we approached the day with a professional punter's manner. We studied the form, the tipster's comments, we selected the best odds from each bookmaker, we went to the parade paddock to see how the horses looked.

But the first 4 races not a sniff of success. And there was 7 of us there!!!. I think the odds of us all not winning a penny on 5 races (all betting on different horses must have been 1,000,000-1). And was it not for me spoiling the run on the last race we would have gladly placed a bet.

The last race i gave up on any methods and said " I'm gonna toss this pound coin 10 times and the number of heads i get is the number of the horse i will take". I got 5. the favourite was number 5 at 8/11 odds. So i splapped my last £10 on it.

And it romped home. Making me a awe-inspiring £7.27 profit.

The great 'Lester Piggot' who was guest for the day presented the prizes to River Kirov's owner and jockey. He probably would have told me not to declare my winnings to the taxman but considering on how much we lost that day I don't think i will bother anyway.

Mr Piggott presents the trophy to the owner of River Kirov

The start of the 4.55 at Redcar

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