Friday, April 07, 2006

If you're going to gamble why pick the hardest race

It is said that millions of Brits don't bet on the horses, except for once a year they make an exception to place a small 'wager' on the Grand National.

It is a habit hard to drop and when i first came over to Holland as betting shops were not allowed I used to make a 1/2 hour journey across the border to a place called Visé where they had a laddies (ladbrokes).

The locals used to snigger and mock me each year in french

"Silly englishman, why doez you bet on ze race with ze forty hosses. you have no chance to win!"
Probably true but thats the fun of it. Knowing your chances of picking the winner in the National are so slim that when that year comes round when you do pick a winner you won't forget it.

Last time i backed the winner was 1992 'Party Politics'. I was a poor student in Manchester and i had no money, well 4 quid. I could either go out ahave a cheap saturday night out or risk it all on the National and then have to probably stay in. But my horse won and I went out and got hammered! As my 4 pund had just become 36 pund.

I backed a few each way winners since and tried every year but never picked the winner. This year is going to be my year. I can feel it and just to make sure I'll back 30 out of 40 horses!

In the office sweepstake I got Heros Collonges. Never back a horse that you can't pronounce.

Anyway just so you can't say i fixed it here are me bets this year.

4. Therealbandit 40-1 £2 e/w

20. Joe's Edge 25-1 £2 e/w

25. Garvivonnian 25-1 £2 e/w


The New Dutchman said...

no luck again huh?

I've seen this laying around in Dutch shops, maybe something for you?

Polarbear said...

bit expensive for a mag as interesting as it looks