Friday, April 28, 2006

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Sorry I can't not mention last night, it was fooking brilliant. I wasn't going to go to the bar to watch but decided at the last minute to go. I arrived 10 mins late for the kick off to an empty bar so sat down with the Landlord and he told me what i had feared was going to happen Steaua Bucharest had just scored 1-0.

We would need to score three goals and not conceed anymore. Then the second went in and i gave up. Good for the heart as when you decided 'fuck it we've lost' you kinda relax.

Even when Maccarone got one back before half time I honestly believed the match was over. But then in the second half Boro became this lean fighting attacking machine again that we saw with Basle. 4 strikers on the pitch. What the Fuck! McLaren you usually are blubbing to put more than one on!.

And then the 2nd and third came. After the second I change to having a glimmer of hope. Someone next to me (yes the stragglers were arriving by now) mentioned "You only need 2 goals in 25 mins". And that did it i had belief again. And after Riggot popped in the third it was 1 goal in 17 mins.

At this point i was convinced we we were going to do it , Bucharest were falling apart. They hadn't had one goal attempt in the second half. Boro had had over 20 at least. But then with about 4 mins left i almost gave up hope until Macca stepped up and became a Teesside legend once again. And this from a guy who can't get in the 1st team regularly, if at all. £6M ...A Bargain!

So Eindhoven here we come . Put it in your diary 10th May! Now how do we go about getting a ticket.

P.S Here is an amusing local radio commentary from Century FM.
This guy (Alistair Brownlee is unable to hold his load when Boro win a premiership match so you can imagine what it's like). I especially love the quote "Everybody round my house for a Parmo!". We are such a cultured lot in Teesside.

2nd link is the highlights without 'annoying twat' commentary.

The Century Commentary

The Highlights

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Anonymous said...

Well it was a semi final of the UEFA cup!!!

Greatest game ever after been 3-0 down to win 4-3.

Come on!!