Thursday, April 20, 2006

8 Glorious Days?

OK. It's here already, the set of three matches which will not put Middlesbrough on the map, but knock Newcastle off it. If all goes well this will be the way Geordies introduce themsleves in future

Johnny Foreigner: "Oh hello are you liking my country. Very different from ze UK yes!??"
Geordie: "Oh way hay man. It's champion. Arrm from Newcassel like!"
Johnny Foreigner: "Ah zis Newcastle . It is in ze UK yes?"
Geordie: "Way hay man, Its in the North East like. Ye narrr. Up the road from Middlesbrough"
Johnny Foreigner: "Oh yes I am knowing ze Boro very well. Morrison, Hasselbaink, Yakubu yes. ze UEFA cup final yes. Oh yes so you're a smoggie then!?"
Geordie: "Feck off man! Donna be calling me no Smoggie yeh fucker!"

And North East domination is complete.

There again, we might be out of both competitons by Sunday. But who cares lets enjoy the ride:

Day 1 : UEFA Cup Semi Final 1st Leg, Ghencea Stadium, Bucharest Steaua Bucharest v Boro
Day 2, 3: Rest Days
Day 4: FA Cup Semi-Final , Vill Park, Birmingham Boro v West Ham
Day 5,6,7: Rest Days
Day 8: UEFA Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg, Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough (down the road from Newcastle) Boro v Steaua Bucharest


Polarbear said...

OK Day 1 a minor set back, they look a very defensive team with counter attacks but only one goal down.

Polarbear said...

Day 3, and we avoid the bogie team Chelsea. So no repeat of the 96/97 FA Cup Final if we get through

Polarbear said...

Day 4, Shite! Out of the FA Cup.

Polarbear said...

half an hour to go and i crapping it. please please please let me get what i want this time!!!

Polarbear said...

Woo Hoooo ! Once again the amazing 4 goal pull off. Bring it on in Eindhoven