Friday, March 31, 2006

Swiss Cheese

I thought that was all they we're famous for.!!!!
Not for silky moves and swift forward passes.
But no they have to upset our move on the UEFA cup.
Well let me tell you Basel , or Baaahthelll however you pronounce it
we will give you a game at the Riverside, even if you do kick our asses over the 2 legs.

Anyway bring it on. What can we lose.

I arrive at the pub 30 mins late and within 10 mins we are 2-0 behind.
Why did i go i out?

Probably to show my allegiance to the Boro. And we didn't do that bad, but it was annoying to watch. The Swiss were way too good. I hope with a less slidy pitch our boys can show some form next time. 1 week to wait and three goals at least to score. Not easy but hey It's the Boro and this season we have surprised the best teams so I'm not giving up yet.

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