Sunday, March 05, 2006

Maastricht - Irish publess

When I arrived in Maastricht on my first day I was travelling from Luxembourg. I was rudely stopped by the police as I was just about to arrive at the entrance of the city. After watching the Amstel Gold Race pass I was allowed to continue to my destination. My first disapointment with Maastricht was that it was 'Irish Publess'.

{aside - the winner of the Amstel Gold that year was Mauro Gianetti - I watched the race every year since usually madly following it by car and seeing not much, apart from in 2001 when Erik Dekker beat Lance Armstrong in the final stretch on the Maasboulevaard. I had a finishing straight seat at my company and afterwards a very 'pissed off' Lance, whose team bus was directly below us entered his bus in that wierd way that cyclists walk after 250Km.}

Anyway so back to the point, why did a lovely multicultural city like Maastricht not have any Irish pubs?. Luxembourg had at least 4 Irish/English pubs. There was Scotts, Pygmalion, the White Rose and The Britannia.

About two years later my parents came over for a visit and on the day they arrived the first Irish pub in Maastricht opened, The Shamrock. Though how it was called an Irish pub at the time was beyond me. No Guiness, only Heineken and told by the brewery that they couldn't serve Guiness as they didn't look like an Irish pub.

A couple of years later 2 more English pubs opened both on the Markt, the Bensons and the other i don't remember the name but it changed after 2 or three years to a dutch bar.

Then came the Murphys a proper Irish pub but the most unsucessful and finally the John Mullins


Anonymous said...

A lot has changed over the last few years, you should try Sullivan's when you have the chance. Cheerz Daruhshie

Anonymous said...

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