Monday, November 10, 2008

Washington DC

I was lucky enough to have to visit Washinton DC last week for my work and it was surprisingly one of the nicest cities I have ever seen.

The most wonderful thing about WDC is that all the museums, art galleries and even the zoo are all free to visit. It is a surprisingly clean city and very international in it's residents.

I didn' t have a lot of time to look around but a free Sunday gave me chance to see a lot and also a lot of blisters to bring home as a momento.

A few pictures an a video of the president flying into the whitehouse follow.

The Washington Memorial

The Whitehouse

Capitol Hill

Mei Xiang in the National Zoological Park


Glynn said...

I want to go to Washington too. Can I come next time?

Polarbear said...

4-7th October next year. They are moving to a new venue 'The Gaylord National'