Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My old bangers #1

The simca was the start of a love affair for rubbish cars

When Clarckson always grills his guests about what cars they have owned it always makes me think. Have I ever had a car I really wanted. Likely answer is no. Due to financial circumstances mostly I have taken what was affordable and acceptable later to realise I had made a bad choice.
My first car was actually given to me by my Mother as I almost destroyed it and she had had enough of it. It lasted about a week or two after in a desperate attempt to improve the brakes I made it undriveable by bleeding all the brake fluid from the system.

I came home from college to find Mum had forked out £50 for some gypos to take the beast away.

The Simca 1000; It was very difficult to find a realistic picture of the Simca. As it was quite a succesful rally car. And most pictures on the 'net' are recreating that success. In truth the road model was a death trap. I remember my first time in it I reached 60mph and the car started speed wobbling all over the road.

Bought: 1985
Price: £500
Mileage: 15,000
Costs: very low
Sold: -£50
Max Speed: 60mph - didn't dare try faster
Mileage obatined: 20,000
Overall rating: 6/10

Luxurious interior of the Simca 1000

Comments: An excellent value car with low mileage and comedy factor of the gold paint job and bouncy seats. This iconic car delivered as a true 'fanny magnet'.

Some Simca facts:

Simca was purchased by Daimler Chrysler

Simcas were the most popular cars in France in the post-war years

The Spanish parody group Los Inhumanos released a popular party song titled Qué difícil es hacer el amor en un Simca 1000 ("How difficult it is to make love in a Simca 1000").


Glynn said...

Yours was in "champagne gold" I seem to remember. It featured sprung seats coated in "melt you legs" plastic. Rubbish.

BDB said...

You cheering AZ on tonight?

Polarbear said...

Yes I will be an Almaar fan for tonght.

Cranky Van Gaal said...

Geez, 4-2, I haven't seen AZ play in 2 years and they seem to have gone downhill...

Polarbear said...

Well 2 away goals is not bad. Just have to hope they play better at home