Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Where's Redcar beach gone?

When i was back in the UK 2 months ago I went for my usual walk along R
edcar beach which is the closest coast to my house. It was a pretty miserable day as you can see. I've been going down there all my life and even went for a swim on Boxing Day one year to raise funds for the brain-washing of Papua New Guinean canibals.

Anyway if you went down to the beach today you wouldn't recognise it.

The set of '
Atonement' a World War II movie set in Dunkirk. Redcar has been chosen to be converted into the set as they knew there would be loads of extras gagging for 50 quid for a day on the beach.

They are using over 1,000 extras and 300 crew are booked into more than 200 hotel rooms across Teesside. The set will contain 45 military vehicles and even a 30m, 75-ton Thames barge boat, lifted onto the beach by crane.

some facts:

Keira Knightley and Vanessa Redgrave will surely get to experience a lemon-top from Pacittos.
2: There has been 4 films named "Atonement" previously filmed . All pants.
3: Previous films to feature Redcar beach are
God on the Rocks starring Minnie Driver
4: Redcar Beach was also used in
'A Man called Adam's' video "Barefoot in the Head"

A Lemon Top from Pacittos


E. Davids said...

seems like a nice place.. what's with all the smog?

K J Huntelaar said...

Its just around the corner

Glynn said...

I see Sandra Ginty's review of God on the rocks is still on Imdb....

Polarbear said...

while i was loking on Imdb I saw a cerain pictorial contribution from a Glynn and James

Anonymous said...

I went to redcar once.

Once too many.