Friday, August 18, 2006

James Harries - A Child Prodigy

I was looking at an old VHS video tape i found in the attic yesterday, when I came across an old clip from a TV show ( I think it was 'TheWord'). It was of Child Prodigy 'James Harries' who was taking phone calls from the public. The section of the show was always done like this and normal good natured questions would be posed to the celebs. But on this occasion most callers saw it a good opportunity to take a chunk out of the blonde freak. Watch the clip....sorry about the quality i had to film it off the telly and it may take a short while to download.

If you want to know how James turned out later in life read on


Glynn said...

Talk about growing up in public.

The New Dutchman said...

wow that is f*cked up

liz said...

look what mentalist parents can least "lauren" actually looks better than james.