Monday, July 10, 2006

Sunday Bloody Sunday

122 dead in a Russian plane crash (mainly children),
40 dead in Baghdad in sectarian killings,
4 dead in a domestic slaughter in Newcastle.

But never mind Federer won his 4th Wimbledon title and
Italy won a 4th World Cup they didn't deserve.

Since i have digital television I thought I could have seen a bit more of
the first three events I was trying to see this morning , but had to wait until late afternoon, almost 12 hours after the first to see a detailed report but even that was interspersed with reports of Federer/Nadal and the World Cup.

What is more important Wimbledon, the World Cup Final or the tradegies?

None of the above because one thing will fill the front pages tomorrow and
that is Zidane's forehead.

"I wanted to go out on a high!"

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