Monday, July 17, 2006

Rooney On the Buses

Posters of a persistent troublemaker are being displayed on the backs of buses to encourage members of the public to keep an eye on him.

The mugshot of Adam Rooney, 20, from Middlesbrough, are accompanied by the conditions of his Asbo, which prohibit him from certain parts of the town.

Ten buses travelling between the town centre and Pallister Park, where Rooney lives, carry the posters.

Anyone who sees him in the prohibited areas can call a police hotline.

Rooney has spoken out against the posters, saying they will harm his chances of getting a job and has asked the police and council to remove them.

But Barry Coppinger, Middlesbrough Council's executive member for community safety and leisure, said the aim of the scheme was to make sure Rooney did not breach the Asbo.
He said: "We've tried the leaflet approach, but we thought putting posters on the backs of buses might be a better way of getting people's attention.

"We want the community to be aware who the troublemakers are."

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Pustol said...

For years, these posters are already on buses around Welwyn Garden City warning for a crack head called Julio D. Although, the police suspects he left the country, they don't want to take any risks.