Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ebay is pants

Floggin off your old crap has never been easier

I have always Ebayed but recently have started using a more geographically suitable website Ebay has never really been as succesful in Holland as in the UK and I think the main reason for this is the success of marktplaats. And lately due to Ebay making it more complicated to list items I have stopped using it.

With Marktplaats you can search on category geographically. Choices of <3km, <5km, <10km, <15km, <25km, <50km, <75km or no restrictions. This makes buying furniture, cars etc very manageable. Plus it is very simple to post an item. Choose category, add photo and text and post. Your contact dets are always listed through your profile. Plus there are no fees for most items.

Today whilst cleaning out the garden shed I found the stereo from our previous car which was destroyed by an MB 'Actros' whilst I was shopping.

I placed it on Marktplaats at 14:08, had a bid at 16:56, haggled till 18:42 and someone is coming to pick it up in the morning at 10.00.


Glynn said...

it's all kicking off with small ebay sellers because they've redone their listing fees in favour of the bug sellers .

Polarbear said...

What do they sell these bug sellers, cockroaches?