Friday, November 16, 2007


I went to immense trouble about 6 months ago to find a stylus for an old turntable I have so I could listen to some of my old 12"s. After 2 unsuitable ones being sent I evetually found the correct on which cost almost 20 Euros.

But dues to the effort and inconvenience of having to use an old amp to set it up which is a bit tempremental and has a tendancy to have fits of deafening feedback it was soon retired to the attic again.

Yesterday whilst flicking through a catologue I saw a picture of a turntable and was surprised to see they are on sale again and quite popular. The attraction being a USB connection to link to your PC so you can convert your old records to your storage device. At only 80- Euros I think I might add this to my Christmas list.

Maybe if enough of us children of the 70's 80's buy these there may be limited edition novelty vinyl being added to the thousands of options in distributing your music.


Glynn said...

I went to the inconvenience of linking my old turntable to the computer via the audio port and using my music program to record the sound.

It worked fine, but I was surprised how much of my old vinyl I didn't need to transfer either because I didn't like it anymore, or I had since bought it on CD. I had a load of stuff on tape too. But it's a bit of a balls-ache to do.

Polarbear said...

I threw all my tapes out a year ago so kind of solves that problem. Most of the stuff I want to record is 12" stuff. But like you I will probably find I've gone off it.